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    Hi! I'm Kirsten, owner and creator of Crowned Athletics™, and your fitness fairy godmother. From dressing up in crazy costumes for runDisney races to colorfully lifting the heaviest weight I can in the gym, I love all things fantasy and fitness!



    about crowned athletics

    Crowned Athletics™ is where my two worlds collide - where you can be strong, badass, a little bit sexy, but still a princess! It is stylish and high quality athletic wear inspired by popular fictional heroines and their stories to motivate the “character” in us all in our fitness endeavors and everyday life. 

    What would your favorite fictional princess wear to the gym? What would her workout outfit look like if she shopped at the same modern athletic wear stores we do? These aren’t just costumes, but rather the perfect luxurious outfits for those who have a passion for fantasy AND fitness!

    All Crowned Athletics apparel and accessory pieces are personally designed by me in Southern California and I aim to work with teams of all women in this business. I am beyond honored to support the ACLU and American Red Cross with regular monthly donations. As the business has grown, my donations have grown as well with the help of your support!

    My wish is that these clothes and accessories will ignite a fire of the heroine within you to achieve all the greatness in the world to live an active, healthy, and happy life!


    Our Journey

    In January 2017, armed with nothing but a homemade prototype and a dream, I set out to redefine activewear with a princess twist. While the intricate process of apparel development was underway behind the scenes, I began hand making and selling headbands - a small but significant step towards my larger vision. Finally in the summer of 2018, my dreams materialized with the launch of our first two tank tops - Mermaid Princess and After Midnight Princess. These creations marked the beginning of our Crowned Athletics™ evolution. The response was electrifying, igniting my passion to grow and expand our collections. From sports bras to skorts, leggings to jackets and beyond, we have evolved into what we are today – and still reaching for the stars!


    Our Partners

    In addition to the remarkable women of our Crowned Athletics™ team, we are profoundly grateful for our trusted partners who have been instrumental in our journey as we continue to grow.

    Following the creation of our first few apparel pieces, our journey led us on an extensive search and meticulous sampling process to finding our current garment production partner in China, our manufacturing backbone since 2019. With over nine years of expertise, they specialize in crafting high-end athletic wear while adhering to international quality and labor standards. Their well-equipped facilities and rigorous quality control processes ensure that every piece of Crowned Athletics™ apparel is nothing less than exceptional!

    In January 2023, we reached another milestone by transitioning from fulfilling thousands of orders from the heart of our home to a cutting-edge fulfillment center right here in Southern California. After evaluating numerous options across the country, we found the perfect match for our vision – specializing in high-end apparel businesses like Draper James and Beach Riot. Here, our items reside in a temperature and moisture-controlled environment and are treated with the utmost care ensuring their quality is preserved. Every order undergoes an extremely efficient picking and packing process ensuring that your packages are dispatched swiftly and with an order accuracy rate above the industry average to deliver you the luxury and touch of magic you deserve.


    Thank you!

    As we continue to grow and expand, our commitment to quality, design, and experience remains unwavering. Crowned Athletics™ is more than just a brand; it’s a community of individuals who share a passion for active living and self-expression. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Join us as we reach new heights and redefine the world of athletic wear, one crown at a time!


    ☆ What can you accomplish when you Wear Your Crown? 


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